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ONCE(ONlineeinfaCh anmElden) is a research and development project funded by the BMWK as part of the technology program "Schaufenster Sichere Digitale Identitäten". The aim of the project is to enable citizens to use their digital identity(ies) easily and securely. In a preliminary competition phase from June to November 2020, a total of eleven consortia developed their ideas and plans for implementation and presented their results to the funding body in December 2020.

In addition to the ONCE project, three other consortia were selected for the implementation phase. The project was launched in May 2021 and is expected to run until July 2023, after which economically viable reuse and after-use is desired.

Project assignment timeline

Project structure

A total of 40 companies, municipalities and research institutions are involved in the ONCE project. Overall project coordination is the responsibility of Bundesdruckerei and the subprojects are each led by a participating partner. There are two cross-cutting themes that span all subprojects and three application worlds, each of which aims to implement a series of industry-specific use cases. An overarching customer journey that connects all subprojects was presented at the end of the competition phase and convinced the jury. Governikus coordinates sub-project 2 "Technology and Interoperability".

TP's Once Project

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Subproject 2 "Technology and Interoperability

Subproject 2 has set itself the goal of creating the basis for the use of electronic identities. It bundles all activities for the development and implementation of the ONCE infrastructure components as well as their usable use for everyday situations. It is divided into the four focal points

  • Software development
  • User-friendliness and data protection
  • Security concept and cryptography
  • Interoperability and standards

The latter three are coordinated by other project partners. In addition to subproject management, Governikus also coordinates software development. This is further subdivided into various components, which together form the technical basis of the ONCE ecosystem.

A basic architectural approach to ecosystem extensibility and interface agility is the use of an "ID Gateway", which is brought into the project based on the Governikus ID Mercury application, where it is extended to include, among other things, the connection of SSI wallets as an additional authentication option.

Want to learn more?

The ONCE project website provides further information and details on the project status and partners.

About the ONCE project