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Document-based submission of declarations of intent

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Governikus DATA Pluto accepts requests for document-based submission of declarations of intent and, as a result of a user interaction, mediates these to third-party providers suitable for the:the user:in, for the generation of a remote signature as an electronic alternative to signing in writing.

The signature received from third-party providers is embedded in the PDF document in a PAdES-compliant manner, validation is requested, the validation results are optionally evaluated, and then returned to the calling specialist application. Both declarations of intent represented by one document and declarations of intent represented by multiple documents simultaneously are supported.

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3 good reasons for Governikus DATA Pluto

Can be implemented without media discontinuity

Variety of third-party authentication and authorization services for remote signature creation.

Cost Reversal

In contrast to the signature card, users do not bear the costs of creating the remote signature themselves, but (indirectly) through the recipients of the declaration of intent.

Continuous further development

Governikus DATA Pluto is continuously developed and maintained.

Administrative operations made easy

There are many administrative processes for which it is already possible to fill in forms digitally, but which require written form in order to be submitted and therefore have to be printed out, signed and sent to the relevant department by post for users without a signature card. The signed form then has to be checked manually by a clerk.

Governikus DATA Pluto makes it possible to avoid both printing with subsequent signature and sending, and subsequent verification, if the:user:in has an account with one of the supported banks or the third-party providers offered (sign-me and others).

As part of the Governikus SigningBroker, DATA Pluto handles the connection to the third-party providers, as well as the attachment of the remote signature to the corresponding applications.

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The most important core functionalities

Depending on the usage scenario and requirements, the Governikus DATA Pluto application supports numerous features, such as:

  • Attaching remote signatures
  • Identification of users by means of bank account
  • Support for sign-me
  • BVsign support
  • Easy installation by means of predefined configuration
  • Operation in Docker or Kubernetes environment

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