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With the online ID function of the ID card, the electronic residence permit and the eID card, you can prove your identity securely and beyond doubt on the Internet and at citizen terminals.

In addition, this function can be used to reliably determine the identity of your counterpart on the network.

The federal government's AusweisApp 2 is an application that Governikus is continuously developing on behalf of the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI).

You can find more information about the AusweisApp2 at

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3 good reasons for AusweisApp2


The transmission of the data always takes place with end-to-end encryption, so that no third party can read your personal data.

Two-factor authentication

This is used to prove the identity of users by combining possession and knowledge, in this case an ID card and PIN.


Identification is quick and easy - from the comfort of your own home. In companies, it ensures fast processes and high data quality.

What the AusweisApp2 can do

The AusweisApp2 is software that you install on your computer/smartphone/tablet to identify yourself online with your ID card, electronic residence permit or eID card. It is available for the most commonly used operating systems and runs with all common web browsers.

The AusweisApp2 offers you an integrated self-disclosure in which you can view your data stored on the online ID card. You can also use the Check device and ID card function to find out whether your smartphone meets the technical requirements to read the ID card.

In the overview, you can also find your available services and manage your PIN. In addition, you can set up the app for your needs in the settings and manage your card readers. If errors occur during use, you have the option of saving an error log and sendingit to support.

All these functionalities are also included in the AusweisApp2 SDK.

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More flexibility with the online ID function

The AusweisApp 2 offers more flexibility and time and cost savings thanks to the online ID card function. For example, you can identify yourself online to take care of official business from home.

Proof of identity: Prove your identity online, e.g. to open a bank account on the Internet.

Login: Use your online ID card as an alternative to various user names and passwords on the Internet, e.g. in online stores.

Age verification: Prove your age online, e.g. when gambling online.

Form function: Use the online ID function to fill out forms and applications in the comfort of your own home. Verifying your data now enables you to submit applications to the Bürgeramt digitally in a legally binding manner.

Anonymous login: With the anonymous login it is possible to log in to a service provider with the online ID and to be recognized without the service provider knowing your personal data.

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